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Marketing is fast becoming an essential ingredient for success for businesses around the world. However, the pace at which Marketing evolves in the digital era makes it difficult for many businesses to (a) understand the latest opportunities on offer; (b) which opportunities are most relevant for a company; and (c) what is the best way to execute and measure success.

Our role is simple. We’re here to help you understand the best opportunities available to you and to help you execute campaigns that are aligned to the success of your business. Marketing should always be results-based activity and delivering performance is our primary objective for all client engagements.

Marketing Strategy Development

Having worked with over 100 businesses from multiple industries, the Platinum Chamber team specializes in producing in-depth digital marketing strategies for businesses of any size. This activity can form a part of a more in-depth engagement, or as a standalone service, for businesses who have the internal capabilities of executing the strategy.

Brand Awareness and Visibility

With the use of digital marketing assets and publishing platforms, the ability to reach a wide, yet highly targeted audience at a reasonable cost has never been greater. At Platinum Chamber, we’ve created campaigns costing just a fraction of the price of traditional media but with far greater impact and reach. The best part of this is that everything can be tracked.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Many businesses create complex and expensive websites without estimating the potential return on investment (ROI) that the website should generate. As a consequence, many websites underperform. We help bring these types of website projects to life by providing a clear focus and strategy on return. Whether this is an e-commerce website, a lead generation website or a corporate website that fails to deliver new business inquiries.

Marketing Consultancy

Our Marketing Consultation for businesses can be defined as the change in activities, processes, and procedures that a company embarks upon when integrating digital technologies within many, if not all aspects of their businesses.

Lead Generation and Sales Campaigns

This allows businesses to reach very specific audiences based on data such as Age, Location, Gender, Family Status, Employment Status (including Company Size, Industry, Job Roles and Seniority) as well as an individual’s interests and hobbies. Today, businesses have access to vast amounts of data and information using advertising tools.

Business/ Product/ Service Launch Campaigns

If you’re about to launch a new business, product or service it’s absolutely vital that you make the best first impression to your potential customers.We’ve created a dedicated service offering, which is designed to provide the most impact for your business at an incredibly reasonable price.

Content Creation and Distribution

Once you have high quality and engaging content, it’s also critical to ensure that this content is then distributed and seen by your desired target audiences. It’s incredible that we regularly see high-production videos with only a handful on views on YouTube. This happens when a clearly defined content distribution strategy is not in place.


For new businesses, we help to develop sophisticated and recognizable company identity, everything from logo till brand book. We help to rebrand existing businesses, after careful research of the company’s past, present & future, as well as to adjust it with modern trends. 

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